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Do you have trouble finding the perfect words to use when you write? Do grammar rules baffle you? Would you like someone to help you make your writing sound more professional? If so, I'm the editor you need.

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With a Notre Dame education, a master's degree from Indiana University, and over 17 years of professional editing experience, I strive to help you and your company sound professional in everything you produce. I can be your one-stop resource for any type of editing, proofing, or writing. I have experience with websites, educational materials, novels, social media posts, newsletters, magazine articles, reports, and much more!

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Committed to Quality

I will help your website sound professional and eliminate any typos or grammar mistakes.

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Exceeding Expectations

As an experienced and accomplished editor, it’s important for me to understand the context of a piece in order to choose the most important details and structure the narrative flow accordingly. My attention to detail and ability to find errors, yet still retain your tone and voice, will help your audience connect with you on a deeper level.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

You will be thrilled with my speedy services and honest work ethic.

Ready to Get Published

Providing Excellence

My attention to detail and excellent editing and writing skills will help your writing sound even better.

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Contact me via phone or e-mail with questions about any editing or writing needs you may have.


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